Venturing Into the Land of Linchpins and New Networking

Tonight I made history!

Maybe you’re already a fan of author Seth Godin or you’ve just heard rumblings about his new book Linchpin, and maybe you were courageous enough to be part of a world-wide meet up event tonight of linchpins. Meetups were organized across the globe, including one in Novi, Michigan that I elected to organize.

I took the reigns to coordinate a local Linchpins are Everywhere (Raise the Flag) Meetup. Linchpin is all about how to make yourself invaluable in what you do in your work, whether you are in a large company or on your own.  With all the economic challenges we face in Michigan, it was inspiring to see a group of people come together because they want to make a difference in their work and help others to do the same.

Almost 800 different linchpin meet up groups had established events – all around the world.  This is the history making point I made at the start of this post. I found out about the Linchpins meetups by subscribing to Seth Godin’s blog, and was inspired to organize one because networking with like minded people has always been a key to my success and a strategy I’ve preached for years to others. Even though only a few of had read Linchpin, the key themes of the book are practical and easy to share.  Seth Godin just made it easy and effortless to organize linchpins so I couldn’t resist joining in!

I wasn’t disappointed and will write soon about key take aways.  Stay tuned!


Getting ME Out of My Way

A popular Seth Godin Blog is called Safe is Risky and was recently routed to me by a family member.

I found myself reflecting on Seth’s blog and how fast this year is going – we are almost a quarter of the way through 2010.  As I make my climb toward making 2010, as I inwardly refer to it, as  “My Best Year Yet”, I wonder if I am in fact, still playing it safe or if I am doing what it takes to become what I want to really become, vs. what I think I must do or limited by what I only know to do.

I decided my Best Year Yet would be defined by playing bigger, bolder, smarter, and still having balance, fun, wellness and peace of mind.  My vision includes elements like ………more financial profitability;  challenging new executive coaching experiences that stretch my capacity and make a bigger impact;  10 life experiences I will enjoy telling about years later ……… to name a few.

I have my plan, a support team stoking me to perform in weekly “possibility” calls, and am knee-deep in action. I would give myself an “A” for effort and some glimmer of results.  Then, I reread this excerpt from Seth:  “

You have more freedom at work than you think (hey, you’re reading this on company time!) but most people do nothing with that freedom but try to get an A.

I have a nagging feeling that I am working harder at getting an A than exercising my freedom to REALLY choose things that REALLY light me up AND propel me towards My Best Year Yet, heck, the best life ever!  It’s so easy to get in a groove of comfortable choices, and fall back on ways of being and doing that I am used to.  Or, is it easier said than done?  Probably a little of both.

I think the way to realizing my vision is going to be because I do some game changing things.  This blog was meant to be one of those and yet, my last post was over a month ago.  What happened?  Why did I stop?

After spending a weekend with my social media guru sister and owner of Story Teller Productions, I recommitted to my vision of playing bigger in the blogosphere.  This should, according to my sister and other authorities in social media like the best-selling book Crush It, by Gary Vaynerchuck, help me spread my value to others in new and bigger ways, and potentially lead me to amazing adventures beyond my wildest imagination.  If I don’t stick with it, I’ll never know what this new phenomenon of social media can do to support me in achieving my goals.

The biggest thing in my way, is ME.  Now – on to surfing other blogs to post some comments!