Paradigm Shifting: Can’t Get Enough in Today’s Dynamic World

I LOVE creativity like this and I hope you do too!  How simple!  How profound!  How can you turn something you are working on from ho-hum and business as usual, to something provocative that really gets the brain working?
I’ve got some ideas.  What are yours?????
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Domino’s Changing the Game – Great Strategy for New CEO

Domino’s is getting pretty good reviews for having the courage to face the feedback from their customers that their pizza crust tastes like cardboard and the sauce has no flavor.  That’s not what interests me the most about this new marketing campaign.  Check it out and then read on.  Domino’s turn around.

What many people may not realize is that this is the first big leadership move for Domino’s new CEO who happens to be following in the foot steps of two giant leaders – Dave Brandon and before him, Tom Monahan.  What a way to promote the brand of the company AND the new leader in a big, innovative way.

Taking advantage of social media, new CEO Patrick Doyle has already claimed his own change strategy to all the world.  This is not small feat for someone who has been an ‘insider’ to Domino’s since 1997.  And he hasn’t even  taken the reigns. I know I will be sharing this with my transition coaching clients for months to come as we watch how things pan out for Doyle.  I think odds are in his favor.

Some might argue that this strategy works for a consumer-based company.  I would argue that  C-level leaders taking a new role could take some lessons from Doyle and watch how innovative communication strategies can be powerful ways to gain followership and some quick, early wins.

From IT to “Green” – Now THAT’S a Transition!

One of the features I intend to offer on this blog will be spotlighting executives I know who are transitioning into new roles – especially those which are very different from the one they just came from.  These type of changes are challenging, the stakes are usually high, and the time to prove oneself  has become increasingly short with our challenging business climate.

Coaching the extensive number of executives that I have in the past 15 years, I know there is no “right” way to ramp into a new role.  Every situation offers unique challenges which each executive leader must sort out what will be best to do given the conditions they face. Hopefully, learning from the experience of those who are successfully assimilating into their role will inspire new ideas and strategies usable by many.

Starting us off, I would like to introduce you to one of my former clients, Mary Templeton who recently made a major career move to a brand new and tough-to-break-into energy industry.  Mary wrote about this in an on-line publication called Metromode.  Here is a brief excerpt:

Changing the way I live became a personal theme over the last year, after being downsized from an executive role with an automotive intelligence and marketing solutions company.  I realized this was an opportunity to reevaluate what was truly important to me and make a shift where I felt my contribution was going to make a difference.  I felt a strong pull to pursue something that would leave the world a better place than I found it.  Altruistic?  Absolutely.  Unrealistic or improbable?  I didn’t think so.

Mary tells about her journey since last fall becoming a sales executive in a wind energy consulting company which I think you will find inspiring.  Check out her blog entry.  Perhaps Mary will agree to be a guest author from time to time and tell us more about the strategies she is using to support her success and adapt to her new conditions. Wishing you much success in the year ahead Mary!