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Starting Again

I thought I had a plan for sustaining my journey of growth locked in for a good part of last year, and for about 5 months, I did a great job.  But like many other times in my life, sustaining a rigorous pace of such things as twice daily meditation, the temptation to fall off the wagon got the best of me.

When I went to Paris in October for two weeks, focusing on my personal growth seemed the farthest thing of interest to me.  I had cheese to eat, wine to drink, sights to see and time to spend with my budding opera singer to be daughter.  Meditation seemed so dull in contrast to all of this and who wants dull on a vacation?

It’s now January 4 and just today, I rebooted my daily practice….. I started again. With no drama about why I stopped, or what effort it might take to start back up.  I just decided that having a daily practice to be reflective, empty, peaceful was worth it for 5 months and could even get sweeter over time if I started again.  My yogi teachers say, “there is always more.”

My meditation teacher says we find our path because we are seekers, but we also are finders when we reap the rewards of what put into a daily practice – sometimes slowly, sometimes in big ways.  Mostly it’s slow though, from my personal experience, and those I am on the journey with.

I realize now looking back, I experienced a profound sense of well being when I was doing a daily growth practice.  There were changes going on in my personal and professional life from spring through fall like never before,   Yet, my usual pattern of reacting to the highs and lows of change which are usually like a riding a roller coaster, just wasn’t happening.  I felt steady in the face of challenges like never before in a way that really surprised me.

I kept waiting for the familiar patterns of melancholy over losses, fears about future what ifs, and sporadic sustainability of healthy habits of diet and exercise to overcome me.  But they didn’t.  My buttons just didn’t get pushed as much.  My husband often commented on this observable difference.

Yet, I fell off the wagon.  And now I am climbing back on.  I actually signed up for a 28 day intensive coaching course to support me in developing my daily practice of growth and transformation.  I believe in coaching (of course!) and being the coachee at times in my life has always served me well personally and makes me better at serving my clients.

Day 3 into the process, so far so good!  Feels good to be back on the journey. The sun keeps rising every day and so shall I!




Can We Sustain This Pace?

I was at a meeting last week and a very successful executive with GM made the statement, “we can’t sustain this pace.”

We never got back to discussing this, but the statement has haunted me since.  What will happen if we can’t sustain the frenetic, long hours, and need for hard thinking all the time pace many of us find ourselves in right now?  Like really, what will happen?

That’s why this article in the Huffington post caught me eye on the biological need for our bodies to take a break every 90 minutes.

Now – if we only figure out how to shorten the amount of hours we work or reduce our work loads.  Looking for the next best idea about this!

Paradigm Shifting: Can’t Get Enough in Today’s Dynamic World

I LOVE creativity like this and I hope you do too!  How simple!  How profound!  How can you turn something you are working on from ho-hum and business as usual, to something provocative that really gets the brain working?
I’ve got some ideas.  What are yours?????
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Hello 2010 and Why I Finally Decided to Start Blogging

I saw Tom Brokow on a recent year-end interview commenting about what he thought the theme of this new decade would be and it really resonated with me.  He said he thinks the world is in need of ‘resetting’ itself and that if we choose to work together, we can take the challenges facing us and really create some positve and better conditions for people and our planet.  The choice is ours.

So as I embark on resetting my outlook and behavior this first day of 2010 (and the decade I’ll spend in my 50’s which I am sure will come up from time to time in my blogs as I approach that big milestone in October), I couldn’t think of a better theme to begin my journey into blogging with.

I have resisted this for some time.  But now, I can’t resist.

I’m not one to crave attention.  Blogs feel very showy to me and for people who need the limelight and public praise for who they are.  This may be true for some,but surely not all who blog are ego maniacs.  Anyone keeping up with trends, which I like to think I do, knows that blogs are becoming an integral means to branding, marketing and selling products and services.  Social media is here to stay so I am surrendering to this cultural phenomenon.

And beyond business purposes, blogs are a fantastic tool for having a say in the world, using our voices to make an impact on whatever is important to us. Now THIS part of blogging gets my attention and ties right into why Tom Brokow’s comments hit home with me.

I have alot to say about things like leadership in today’s world drawing upon my work in executive coaching.  Living with a chronic disease such as Mulitiple Sclerosis which I’ve had for 11 years.  Parenting two daughters, ages 17 and 21 and preparing them for a world far different than the one I was raised in.  Living in Michigan – soon to be one of the poorest states in the country. And these are just a few of the many things that intend to blog about.

I already feel different about this year.  I can’t help but think that being part of the global dialogue on issues I care about will help me reset some ways I think and act.  Since I help my clients to do this as an executive coach, it can only be good practice for me to challenge myself too.

This was fun.  Talk to you soon!

PS – thanks to my sister Kathleen, head of sales for Storyteller Productions in Minneapolis.  She was my inspiration to get this going.  They do this for lots of clients and getting some free advice sure was a bonus!