Enneagram in Coaching

The Enneagram is a dynamic system of nine personality types that provide insight to empower you to better understand yourself and others.  I have studied the Enneagram extensively for 10 years and know first hand from my personal experience as well as my client’s, how powerful the Enneagram can be as a guide for self mastery.

The Enneagram is cross-cultural and highly accurate, with many work-related applications, it is currently being used by organizations worldwide to help employees and leaders in the following areas: communication, conflict, feedback, teams, leadership, strategy, decision making, self-mastery, coaching, and more.

We are all complex human beings, and the Enneagram is one of the few assessment tools I have found that encourages users and teachers of the Enneagram to not over simplify, categorize, and stereotype ourselves.  Rather, the Ennegram is a powerful guide to help release us from the “box” or self limitations and explore all the many layers of our personality.

No matter what leaders set out to do—whether it’s creating strategy or mobilizing teams to action—their success depends on how they do what they do. Even if they get everything else just right in their area of expertise, if leaders fail in the task of driving emotional and interpersonal dynamics, (their own and their team’s) in the right direction, nothing they do will work as well as it could or should.

The Enneagram Personality System is a proven and powerful tool to help people understand their emotional make-up in order to better manage themselves and others.

Below are just a few of my favorite resources to provide you further insight into the Enneagram, tailored to professionals in business.

The Enneagram in Business  and the app for your I-Phone or I-Pad 

Mario Sikora – Author of Awareness to Action and numerous other teachings

The Enneagram Made Easy: Discover the 9 types of People, Renee Baron & Elizabeth Wagele

Amazon.com Synopsis: The first easy–and fun–guide to the Enneagram, for the beginner, the expert, and everyone in between. This witty and informative guide demystifies the ancient Enneagram system with cartoons, exercises, and personality tests that reveal our motivations and desires and show how to put that knowledge to use in our everyday lives.


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