My Journey with MS and Yoga

As many of you know, I have Multiple Sclerosis.  I have been very fortunate to have a very mild experience with MS so far.  My form of MS is the relapsing-remitting type – where damaged nerves typically heal themselves over time.

In 2007, I recommitted myself to playing bigger to help support those with MS.  My journey connected me with a lot of people with MS that aren’t as fortunate as I am.  Although I live every day with the reality that moving is no guarantee with MS, I am moving great now!  The reality for many people with MS is they aren’t so lucky, and live with a lot of challenges because of MS!  I am convinced now more than ever to support people living with MS and the medical field to find a cure.

I’ve learned some interesting things about MS in the past years:

  • There are now 18,000 people in Michigan diagnosed with MS – up from 16,000  2 years ago
  • New medical therapies are increasingly showing positive benefits in treating MS yet, there still is no cure, thus treatments that enrich the lives of those with MS can really improve their quality of life
  • People with MS often appear fine or normal, and be experiencing significant challenges from MS because so many symptoms aren’t things you can see such as numbness, memory loss, fatigue,  depression/anxiety, bladder problems, and so many others.  All is not how it appears with MS!
  • My past Yoga Moves fund raisers have inspired several people to take up yoga and are enjoying the many benefits it offers.  Yoga can be taught in adaptable ways for people with physical limitations from MS or any physically challenging disease, as well as back problems, and limitations from aging.

We have chosen the MS Foundation as our charitable partner: The MS Foundation is a predominantly service-based, non-profit organization, whose primary mission is to ensure the best quality of life for those coping with MS by providing comprehensive support and educational programs. The MSF strives to help make“A Brighter Tomorrow” by supporting research into its cause and cure as well as investigations of various medical and complementary treatment options.

Individuals affected by MS, regional support groups, and healthcare professionals rely on their resources.  Mindy Eisenberg of Yoga Spirit Wellness offers therapeutic yoga classes specifically for people with MS.  She was recently awarded a grant through the MSF for scholarships for those with MS who are financially challenged.  We are excited that  proceeds of our Yoga Moves MS fundraising enable the MSF to award  grants for yoga scholarships for people with MS.  Financial strains are common for people with advanced MS, who are often limited in their ability to work and whose therapies can be very expensive.  These scholarships will help make yoga more affordable and enable them to enjoy a higher quality of life through therapeutic yoga.

We hope you will please consider joining us in our mission to spread yoga, help people live better with MS, and awareness about MS in general.   Spread the word and thanks for your generous support.

More detailed information about Yoga Moves MS can be found at: including how to donate on-line.



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