Having just spent two weeks in Paris totally unplugged from work and responsibility in general, I have new inspiration for getting focused again on blogging. It’s really the re-entry part that catalyzed me into action. As is typical, getting ready to go away and returning are two intense weeks that we double up our efforts so that our time away can be freely enjoyed.

The length of this trip, allowed me to immerse myself into the French culture, a culture that does not rush typically. I liked that although, I must admit, it took a while and some coaching from my daughter to relax when I first sat down and wanted service immediately. I spent many rides on the Metro observing people at all times of day. I was impressed with how few people pushed their way around the stations and trains.

Most people were not even on their phones while riding, another amazing contrast to our culture where most drivers are on the phone. People savored the time in the cafes over their coffees or wine. Small shop keepers took their time to help you and took long lunch breaks that included shutting their store during the break. It seemed so civil, sane and a much more graceful way to go about daily living.

I spoke with a lot of clients, colleagues and friends this week and the universal response I got to “How are you?” included some form of how busy they were, mostly in a matter of fact way, not complaining.

That’s when I realized how much we Americans have normalized busyness and how much I don’t want to return to that. I attempted this week to bring that measured pace into my reentry. It mostly worked even though I don’t feel like I’ve really caught up yet and some unexpected new business projects are growing bigger than I had planned. I am not choosing to let that bother me and I am working this weekend on reclaiming rejuvenation. I intend to keep an eye on my pace and see how I can keep it to a low roar and explore the benefits the Parisians know very well. And I will use this blog to help keep me focused on ways to walk the talk of my commitment to helping people THRIVE, and flourish, including myself.

Lastly, check out this website for some ideas to help you “thrive in a mixed up world” as they say.


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