Venturing Into the Land of Linchpins and New Networking

Tonight I made history!

Maybe you’re already a fan of author Seth Godin or you’ve just heard rumblings about his new book Linchpin, and maybe you were courageous enough to be part of a world-wide meet up event tonight of linchpins. Meetups were organized across the globe, including one in Novi, Michigan that I elected to organize.

I took the reigns to coordinate a local Linchpins are Everywhere (Raise the Flag) Meetup. Linchpin is all about how to make yourself invaluable in what you do in your work, whether you are in a large company or on your own.  With all the economic challenges we face in Michigan, it was inspiring to see a group of people come together because they want to make a difference in their work and help others to do the same.

Almost 800 different linchpin meet up groups had established events – all around the world.  This is the history making point I made at the start of this post. I found out about the Linchpins meetups by subscribing to Seth Godin’s blog, and was inspired to organize one because networking with like minded people has always been a key to my success and a strategy I’ve preached for years to others. Even though only a few of had read Linchpin, the key themes of the book are practical and easy to share.  Seth Godin just made it easy and effortless to organize linchpins so I couldn’t resist joining in!

I wasn’t disappointed and will write soon about key take aways.  Stay tuned!


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