10 Essential Blogs for Creative Entrepreneurs

10 Essential Blogs for Creative Entrepreneurs.

As the blogoshpere expands by the day, I am finding more and more value in cruising different blogs to get information to bring into my work and share with others. I’ve resisted spending more time on my computer doing this because I spent alot of time already working on the computer to keep my business afloat. But I am challenging myself to get over that paradigm.

I’ve never been an “early adopter’ of technology so this may seem pretty basic to those who are already very blog savvy.  But my hunch is that those are the minority and many executives have yet to embrace how to leverage the blogosphere.

Once I find a blog that has content I find interesting and useful, I am subscribing to it.  I am now getting some worth while content in my in box to stimulate my thinking, inspire me to reflect and that connects me with ideas and resources from around the world.  This is pretty darn cool.  Although I am still trying to find my way through information overload, I am realizing the value of blogs more and more.

I hope you like this one!


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