Why We Need To Cultivate Relationships in Person

As an Executive Coach, I am not able to reveal information about my clients.  So this reference has names changed to protect their confidentiality…………

I was recently reminded how important face to face interaction is with people you work with.  That sounds pretty basic, but in our virtual and global world, it seems like a luxury any more.

My executive client was visited by his CEO this week, who is headquartered in Europe.  Past conversations with this CEO were nothing like what I experienced him to be like in person.  What seemed like an off-putting style is really warm and engaging.  Email and phone conversations, and not many of either, had formed an impression that this CEO was really a hard-edged, cold person – far from the personable and down to earth person he showed me yesterday.

I KNOW my attitude towards this CEO influenced some of my coaching perspective and if we had not met, likely to a detriment to my client. I can only imagine what he thought about me before meeting me!

Moral of the story – don’t let virtual perceptions be your only information about someone you must work with.  Strive for in-person encounters as soon as you can in the relationship.  It will pay dividends later!


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